The Ultimate Booth

Why you need the 
B.Gorgeous Spray Tan Booth

A spray tan machine and clean air overspray extraction in one professional enclosure. Using innovative Micro-Whirlwind Technology it’s the perfect investment for any salon to create a dedicated spray tan area with the latest spray tan technology.

No Overspray

The B.Gorgeous All in One Booth has 4 fans from top to bottom (most other brands only have 2 or 3!). 4 fans from top to bottom ensures overspray is extracted evenly. The aerodynamic curved chamber funnels extraction, generating airflow into a cyclone. Industry strength extraction via the top and bottom fans extracts the overspray and generates clean air.


  • Clean Air Booth w/ Light
  • Tan.Lite 3200 Spray Tan System
  • Excess 3 Professional Applicator
  • Filters 


Type: Spray Tan Equipment

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